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The Amazing Spiderman, Ted, Moonrise Kingdom

The Amazing Spiderman
 …more like The Amazingly Mediocre Spiderman, amirite? Seriously though, after you finish watching The Amazing Spiderman, it’s hard to say anything other than “Well, that sure was a Spiderman movie.” As unfair as it is to criticize the film itself for being remade too soon, it’s nearly impossible to watch and not be bored for the first hour. Everyone knows the story of how Peter Parker becomes Spiderman. Everyone. To retell that story was a definite mistake. You spend the first hour waiting for him to finally turn into Spiderman, and once he does there’s very little difference between this Spiderman and the one that we all seen less than 10 years ago. While I did happen to enjoy Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman (Not as big of a fan of his Peter Parker, however) and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey, the film is little more than a two hour shrug.

We give it 3 “Oh, it’s a room filled with radioactive spiders and he’s the first one to ever be bitten? Bullshit” plot holes out of 5.


Simply put, if you watch the red-band trailer of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted and laugh – Oh, you’ve not seen the red-band trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Ted? Click here and watch it real quick. No, go ahead. We’ll wait. Back? Good. – you’re going to enjoy the full length film. It’s a very predictable story and parts of it will drag, but there’s just something very charming about watching a teddy bear make dick jokes.

We give it 4 heads of Sam Jones’ beautiful and full hair out of 5.


Moonrise Kingdom
If you’re not a fan of Wes Anderson’s style, you’re not going to enjoy Moonrise Kingdom. This movie is Wes Anderson as fuck. It may even be his best work yet. I had originally planned on writing a long detailed review of this film, but everything that I wrote didn’t seem to do justice to this movie’s brilliance. It’s been a year filled with great movies, but none of them have been as great as Moonrise Kingdom. See it.

We give it 5 uncomfortable borderline child porn scene’s out of 5.

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